Media Alliance—Professional Proofreading

Media Alliance offers affordable courses for nonprofit organizations, media makers, and activists. All classes are taught by working media professionals.

The Professional Proofreading workshop is offered in the fall and spring. See additional classes.


Proofreading can be a career, a hobby, or a great way to earn supplemental income during a challenging economy. Come discover if you have what it takes to be a professional proofreader. From identifying the most common typographical errors to applying proper manuscript markup language (for print and electronic mediums alike), build confidence while you join a network of enthusiastic freelancers.

Whether you wish to learn the techniques of proper proofreading, or you seek to refresh your skills, hands-on exercises and copious real-world, behind-the-scenes publishing anecdotes help answer the question: Is proofreading right for you? We also discuss in a supportive group environment how to locate freelance proofreading projects, the necessary steps for securing a client base, and how to market yourself in an uncertain economy.

Instructor: Jim Norrena, a UC Berkeley Extension-certified copyeditor with 15 years' professional publishing experience, earned his BA in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara. He works as the college web editor and content manager within the Communications Office at California College of the Arts, where he is enrolled in the MFA Program in Writing. He is the principal and founder of, an independent editing and content management service based in Oakland.