Yes, but that's because I already believe you're worth it. Another way to answer the question is to ask yourself whether you can afford not to use TypoSuction. How important is your work's first appearance, anyway? Rates are affordable and conveniently negotiable based on project description, timeline, and client type (i.e., nonprofits, community-based projects, and students are often eligible for per-project discounts or even ongoing sliding-scale rates).

The following rates are a basic guideline only. Contact TypoSuction to describe your business and its services to determine actual pricing.


• Proofreading: $30–40/hr.
• Copyediting & editing: $40–50/hr. (based on editing level)
• Copywriting: $50–80/hr. (varies per project type)


Within 24 hours: add 20 percent
Same-day delivery: add 30 percent

Expedited service requires discussion prior to submission of files. Rush projects are subject to availability. Please contact TypoSuction directly to explain your project's needs and confirm a production schedule.

Optional Billing Methods

per page (proofreading and light copyediting only)
project rate (requires contract)

Invest in an error-free appearance today. After all, shouldn't the "face value" of your published work be as effective as possible.

Email now to introduce your project. I'll make recommendations and offer suggestions for what I can add to (or remove from) your materials, including negotiating a price quote that fits your budget.