Most Commonly Asked Questions About TypoSuction

Q: Does it hurt?
A: No, it's utterly painless and the recovery time is instant.
Q: Is it expensive? 
A: As with any editorial procedure, cost is relative to the size and complexity of the project. 
To ensure you remain within your budget, review the rates section.
Q: Will other people know I've had it done?
A: All procedures are private and seemless. The work is good enough that others will
undoubtedly suspect you've had work done, but it cannot be detected unless you
Q: How long does it last? 
A: Completed work is ever-lasting; if you alter your project it's possible you'll need an
occasional touch up now and then—or you may want a complete makeover down the
road. The choice is always yours.
Q: Can I apply it to other areas in my life? 
A: Absolutely! The range of projects that benefit from TypoSuction are innumerable. Read 
more about TypoSuction to fully grasp its wide-ranging application and appeal.
Q: Who else has had it done?
A: Wild horses won't drag it out of me, unless, of course, those persons have granted me
     permission to demonstrate how well TypoSuction worked on their project. See the 
samples page to learn about existing and former clients.
Q: Will my insurance cover the cost? 
A: TypoSuction is an investment—in you. Only you can decide if your reputation can 
withstand the deleterious effects of publishing your work single-handedly. But before
you decide you can't afford it, ask yourself if you can afford not to invest in it.