1. ty'po (n): an error in typed or typeset material

2. suc'tion (vt): to remove (as from a passage) by suction

The only funny typo is someone else's!

Jim Norrena launched TypoSuction in 2001 to uphold error-free communications across a wide spectrum of editorial needs. From web-based content to direct-mail marketing collateral to arts-and-entertainment promotions to book-length manuscripts to wedding invitations, your content requires meticulous editorial attention, because first impressions say everything—and you have only one chance to make a first impression.

Make certain your audience doesn't laugh at you. TypoSuction allows you to make the best first impression possible while staying within your budget.

What's even better is no one has to know you've "had work done"; they only know when you haven't. Your content-enhancement procedures remain confidential—a secret shared between only you and me.

Contact TypoSuction today and enjoy never again having to say, "I'm sorry." (At least as far as your public content is concerned.)


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