The TypoSuction website is a product of several talented individuals to whom I'm remarkably grateful.

Ken Brandow, an amazing artist who unexpectedly passed from this world April 20, 2008. His amazing array of talents and undeniable charm always impressed me. Ken brought my vision of the TypoSuction website to life with the essential straighforwardness of design and ease of navigation that is incresingly rare today.

Todd M. LeMieux, another outstanding artist (see for yourself by visiting his website), who precisely captured my vision of the TypoSuction logo and brought it home for others to enjoy, if not snicker. Todd is a communciations designer living in Springfield, MA, where I hope he continues to be happy and healthy.

Artist/author John Tollet, partner to my extraordinary friend, Robin P. Williams (no, not that Robin Williams—the other, far-more talented one!). John provided the landing page image, the logo that "sucks in" to highlight the powerful typo-sucking benefit of TypoSuction: slimming, beautifying, becoming professional. John's talents seemingly have no limits. See his sketches or watch his videos and see for yourself.

Photographer/artist/instructor Erika Gentry continues to be instrumental in facilitating the behind-the-scenes technical magic that makes websites accessible for others to enjoy. Be sure to check out her work, as she's definitely one of today's impressive photographers to follow!