Jim NorrenaI'm Jim Norrena—editorial strategist and grammar humorist behind TypoSuction, the affordable and effective editing treatment regimen that protects your image, ensuring your first impression is as you intended.

Like it or not, a first appearance makes a lasting impression. Published content (print or online) is what our audiences see first. Unfortunately, regardless of the genius content we author, nothing ensures a favorable first impression better than letter-perfect prose.

And conversely, the only thing more indelible than a poor first impression is the published typo that caused it.

Key messages can be passed over because of superfluous language and well-intended grammar. Add to that other unsightly cosmetic blemishes and distracting substantive shortcomings and readers often leave with an unintended (possibly irreparable) first impression: "Well, if the author didn't care enough . . . "

Not exactly the message you're hoping for, right?

I take great delight in helping you avoid such unintended consequences.

TypoSuction—either as a one-time-only beautification session or an ongoing quality-assurance procedure—strips content of unsightly typos and beguiling content structure that allows crystal-clear content and messaging to shine bright.

My Preferred Content Types

I write and edit in many areas, including but not limited to the following content types:

marketing collateral book & film reviews
online features online columns
press releases curricula
books e-newsletters
feature articles

print ads

newsletters scripts (plays & screenplays)

My Philosophy

I apply my 20 years' experience working in publishing and communications (in a wide variety of editorial roles) to every project I take under my wing. My goal is to make you and your published content as effective as possible.

I realize most clients don't have the time to apply a meticulous attention to detail to their copy, yet they depend on error-free content for their business's reputation. Ask yourself if you can truly afford to let your prose go unchecked?

That's where I come into the picture.

I use publishing-standard style guide recommendations or customized style guide procedures to ensure accuracy, consistency, and clear messaging throughout all your copy—public, internal, or both.

Readers Notice

Take a look around. Isn't it obvious which companies took a shortcut in preparing their communications? Typos make us laugh precisely because they are so unintended. Call it human nature, but we enjoy laughing at others' expense (or more precisely, at the lack of expense others put into their work), because inwardly we're grateful it isn't us who has made the mishap public.

Because I loathe typos; recoil at grammatical mistakes; cringe at highly inventive punctuation and spelling; and balk at erroneous content, I ensure a client's "public appearance" is never laughed at—at least not from an editorial vantage.

I am a writer and an editor. I defend the honor of all things grammatically correct.

I am Jim Norrena and I believe in the power of TypoSuction.